The feet that Jesus washed

Dorothy Scott Boulware


The feet that Jesus washed that Thursday on his way to the cross were not nearly so dainty and manicured as the ones we present in worship these days. Jesus had a meal with the disciples as he often had, explaining that this would be the last one before he accomplished the crucifixion for which he was bound. And after much explanation recorded in the gospels, he began to wash their feet.

Peter protested mightily, but Jesus prevailed, instructing that if Peter didn’t submit to what seemed to him an unjust act of humility he would have no part with Jesus. Peter got it, being the quick study that he was. Then by all means, he replied. Wash not only my feet but my head and my hands also.

Jesus did wash the feet of those who’d served with him for three years, those who’d left their families, their ideals…

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